An extensive project to share complex disease

An Effetto Larsen project created with the non-conditional contribution of Boehringer Ingelheim.


“Some people live underwater”

When the possibility emerged to develop a communication focused project to raise awareness about Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis, an incredibly rare and difficult disease, we spent a long time pondering whether it would be possible to speak about this disease in a consistent way that would be both unique and hopeful.

Our team immediately agreed that to do so, it was first necessary to rethink how to discuss these types of diseases: storytelling is the first step in approaching illnesses, especially those that are uncommon and incurable, from a cultural perspective that accurately reflects and recounts real experiences of how they are perceived and experienced in society.

A not easy, but certainly important challenge.


Reversing the point of view

We focused on the people instead of the diseases. Those living with severe illnesses often center a huge part of their identity around their disease, and similarly find themselves identified by others in this way. To live with dignity, it is important that they are seen as humans first and not just patients.

Our background is our strength: the artistic and cultural worlds we come from have provided us with effective tools for telling stories, encouraging engagement, and inciting emotions.


An extensive project
focused on communication

Breathing underwater, simple exercises for spirituality

A lengthy interview process with doctors and patients led to the writing and production of a script to raise awareness about the disease and encourage the support of local patient associations.

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The website vocisottacqua.org

A space specifically designed for patients and caregivers to find useful instructions, links, and contacts while also hosting a blog section dedicated for more in depth and personal information.

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Social media

The Facebook and Instagram pages @vocisottacqua act as a community for having discussions and sharing stories and activities.

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Patient portraits

Photographs of and interviews with willing patients, documenting their interests, behaviors, and beliefs.

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Illustrative videos

Video created in collaboration with medical professionals that portray the storyline of the diagnosis and the disease in a clear and comprehensive way.

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A site-specific artistic Effetto Larsen project which uses storytelling to meet the patients and raise awareness of IPF.

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The short film

The production of a short film entitled IPF that uses positive messages to raise awareness of the disease.

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Collaboration with Associations

Working with associations in the field, we cultivated personal relationships, collaborated on activities, and exchanged support and assistance. Through networking, we helped these associations gain as much visibility as possible because awareness is the first step for developments in medical research.