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Founded in 2007, Effetto Larsen developed an original research method to investigate human beings and interpersonal relationships through art. In our projects, people always play a central role in the creative process.
We are experts in relational art. We create projects that impact human relationships and produce social change. For over fifteen years, we have brought our work to international festivals, multinational companies, and territories, encouraging them to confront the realities that surround us. We integrate creativity and innovation with strategic and communication skills.

Matteo Lanfranchi

My artistic and professional life began on the stage as an actor, until I founded my own company Effetto Larsen.

I am a curious person who thirsts for knowledge; by observing my own surroundings, I come up with ideas that I want to develop with my colleagues. I love to have fun while working. When people’s eyes twinkle, I know that I am onto something.

I live in the present and am a citizen of the world. Gratitude is my favorite feeling and the experiences among human beings are what I care about.

Project manager and Business developer

Isadora Bigazzi

I am young, passionate, and motivated. I love listening to the needs of the public and am interested in encouraging others to participate in life not only as individuals, but also as part of a collective whole, as human beings sharing an experience.

At Effetto Larsen, I am the point person for both my team and our collaborators, organizing residencies, workshops, and festivals. My job is to make things easier for everyone and to be available and welcoming to those who need me.


Roberto Rettura

As a prior musician, I recently assumed the role of sound designer and am interested in how listening to sound directly influences how effective a media format can be in reproducing or creating new experiences.

Sound is my material and language, and at Effetto Larsen I push its boundaries, using it to explore whatever I like.


Beatrice Cevolani

I trained mostly as an actress, worked with several theater groups and toured around the world; over the years, however, I found myself more drawn to the human aspects of the theater - listening, working in teams, and conversing - and let these characteristics guide my work.

With Effetto Larsen, I am on stage as a performer and collaborator in the the creation of projects, and also lead participatory and training workshops.


Alessandra Frigerio

I have always had a passion for psychology as it helps to understand others. I have a background that combines different fields of study: social psychology and the theory and practice of psychoanalysis.

I collaborate with Effetto Larsen as a scientific supervisor of participatory and performative art projects that center around psychosocial issues such as stereotypes, prejudices, interpersonal relationships, social exclusion, and identity construction.


Matteo Lo Valvo

After years of studies and activities in the fields of music, IT and technology, I founded a digital marketing agency based in Milan, where I deal with strategy, advertising and growth hacking. I love everything that moves digital towards the future, facing my work with curiosity and learning every day from the changes it goes through. Connecting people, whether through sound or digital activity, is my vocation.

With Effetto Larsen I deal with the sound design of the artistic formats and the strategy and development for all the services that include an online presence.

Digital content specialist

Giacomo Ricci

I am passionate and curious about everything related to creativity and love connecting people through impactful and exciting media content. I have developed skills in many different creative fields; I have a background in music production and audio engineering and have experience in other artistic areas.

I have been with Effetto Larsen since 2019 and have been involved in their social media communication, visual content creation, web design, and copyrighting.

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