Reflecting on what will
be left of us

A process dedicated to contemplating mortality, valuing life, and being in the present. Dwelling on the concept of death makes our time on earth more precious and allows us to come to terms with what we will leave and what we will leave behind.


Leaving our trace

After/Dopo is a path where visitors are invited to leave traces - anonymous, yet intimate reflections that when put together create a safe space for sharing and learning. There is only one requirement to approach this project: imagine as if you were no longer here. The activities individuals can participate in during this project are simple: draw a map of your relationships, write and leave a message, draw the trajectory of your life, lie down on a bed of leaves. These traces of the individual are simple - made simply of paper, stones, and words - but together they create a meaningful and ritualistic experience.


A ritualistic reflection

After/Dopo responds to an unheard need in a community, a type of need that exists in all human civilizations: that of a collective ritual. During the days in which it was open to the public, many visitors returned to the installation, bringing along friends, children, parents and partners to experience it with them.


Learning to let go

Learning to let go is a delicate process that is required in different situations: a role change, a delegation process or a team change. After/Dopo consists of a series of activities that deeply explore the emotions experienced during transitory periods which can be enforced to individuals or entire teams. The project’s point is much more than just the mortality of the human body, but also the importance of listening to one another, reflecting on important life moments, and recognizing what one will and wants to leave behind.

What will remain of my work in this organization?

What do I want to leave behind for my team?

What do I no longer need in my next role?

What people are most similar and different from myself?

What message would I like to leave behind?

What do I still need to feel comfortable?

What would I like to be remembered for?

What emotions do I feel during this change?

What have I learned that I would like to share with others?


A domestic ritual for the

During the first weeks of the pandemic, thousands of people succumbed to COVID without their lives being celebrated and without their family and friends being able to provide one another with comfort. Drawing on the atmosphere created in After/Dopo, we created Farewell as a way for individuals to mourn and accept the passing of their loved ones. Without arrogance, with simplicity, and with care.


Concept Creator and Director

Matteo Lanfranchi

Sound design

Roberto Rettura

Layout and Visual Designer

Paola Villani

Artistic Assistant

Laura Dondi

Photographer and Videographer

Martina Rosa, Martin Hauer, Nikola Milatovich


Isadora Bigazzi


Effetto Larsen


In Situ Act project, co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union, La Strada (Graz, Austria), Pergine Spettacolo Aperto, project winner of the call ‘Della Morte e del Morire’ by the Associazione Culturale Dello Scompiglio

With Support From

Danae Festival, Cross Award