Orienting yourself, so you don’t lose your bearings.

A community founded in 2021, dedicated to caregivers and family members of those affected by complex epileptic encephalopathies.


The compass for a journey that changes every day

Complex epileptic encephalopathies, very rare diseases that affect children, are unpredictable with incredibly debilitating side effects. Like it is for all individuals dealing with any disease, it is important for these caregivers to have something to guide them.
The key of Bussola delle Stelle is to put patients and caregivers at the center through the means of digital tools. A compass is an instrument that allows individuals to orient themselves and find their path, especially when they feel lost.


Weathering the storms.

We concentrated on the human side of the disease, and on sharing the tips and tricks learned already by families to increase their quality of life. We retold the stories of patients and those living with them, sharing their experiences as if they were written in a diary.

For this reason, our creation was told not from the perspectives of clinicians, caregivers, or bystanders, but instead from an imaginary patient: Diego. Diego, the main character of our story, focused on the fundamental aspects of the lives of caregivers and the afflicted by bridging metaphors and reality.


A multiplatform, communication

The animation

The project was presented with an animated illustration that recounted Diego’s story, a child affected by complex epileptic encephalopathy

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The website

A space specifically designed for patients and caretakers to find useful instructions, links, and contacts while also hosting a blog section dedicated to the project’s upcoming activities.

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Social media

Social pages dedicated to discussing and sharing information.


We conducted different interviews with clinicians dealing with these diseases and emphasizing a multidisciplinary approach to treatment.

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Le infografiche

Video illustrati che raccontano la storia di Diego e della sua famiglia nell’affrontare i vari aspetti della malattia, dalla diagnosi alla terapia.



Illustrated video that recounts the story of Diego and his family as they deal with various aspects of the disease, diagnosis, and therapy.

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