The art of imagining the future.

A social innovation project created from our participatory arts methods.


The South Mirafiori Community

Cu’N’Fu took place in Turin, in the Southern Mirafiori neighborhood, an important and historic industrial area in the city. In the last three years, the neighborhood underwent extensive social, demographic, and economic transformation. Because of this, today it is the perfect place to conduct research on how the relationships between citizens and local institutions has changed and how successfully the community now feels they are being represented by their political representatives. The project started in October 2020 and ended in the spring of 2022.


Culture and the future:
putting participation at the center

We utilized three of our artistic projects: Mnemosyne, Tracce, and Pop-Up Civilization. By combining these formats we created a tool that creatively encouraged dialogue among individuals by making them feel heard, welcomed, understood, and important to the political life of a community.

We decided to use this approach because we believed it was the best way to instill in institutions a greater willingness to listen to powerful messages conveyed through our favorite communication channel: active participation.


An activity of
dedicated communication

Graphic representation

The title, logo, and graphic representation of the project are tailor-made and designed to be easily replicated for different themes and communities.

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Social media

Social media pages recount the developmental journey of the project and indicate the local associations involved.

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A custom-designed website details the project, focusing on its activities specifically in the blog section.

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