Leaving a sign

Tracce is a project that investigates the relationship between the identity of an area - a neighborhood, a city, a building - and those of its inhabitants through an collection of signs created by the public.


A question of identity

We choose a place to transform into an interactive space, and according to our artistic methodologies, create the conditions that encourage audience members to take on an active role in both Tracce’s development and performance. Tracce is a versatile tool that also aids in data collection and dialogue creation about the future of urban areas whose identities are consistently being disrupted and redefined. On several occasions, we also collaborated with specialists and researchers in fields such as urban planning and social psychology to share insights and inspiration with participants.


Defining ourselves by our traces, defining places
with ourselves

Our existence leaves obvious marks through relationships, ownership, trades, memories and secrets. We leave traces on the world, and the world leave them on us.


Discovering community through reflection and sharing

Tracce is a format that encourages people to become personally involved in information gathering: it takes on the form of an immersive questionnaire where both the body and its spatial relationship become part of the answer. The activity space is composed of simple materials, allowing individuals to reflect, share and leave their own marks, ideas, and thoughts.

What would I not like to lose in my organization?

What can I not find in my organization that I would like to?

What can I not see in my organization that I would like to?

Do I feel like I have the power to change my work environment?

What part of myself do I find most accurately represented in my role?

What is the common thread that connects my professional experience to that of others?

Are change and loss the same thing?

What professional transitions have most influenced me in becoming the person I am today?


Concept Creator and Director

Matteo Lanfranchi

Artistic Assistant

Laura Dondi

Sound Designer

Roberto Rettura


Isadora Bigazzi

Photographer and Videographer

Martina Rosa


Effetto Larsen

With Support From

Festival Periferico