Learning how to live harmoniously and listen to Nature

A process that allows for the collective intelligence of a group to emerge thanks to cooperation, active listening and body.


The group thinks as one individual

STORMO® is a participative process that allows for the collective intelligence of a group to emerge and is inspired by this same intelligence used by birds to organize the flight of their flocks. Integral to the project is a workshop which focuses on using simple exercises and games to promote both internal and external awareness. This fosters deep listening and an attunement to one’s environment. In a short amount of time, participants merge the awareness of themselves with the awareness of the group, allowing them to move in harmony as one single being.


Years of research
thousands of participants involved.

We have conducted countless sessions of STORMO®, taking it from international festivals to multinational corporations, from elementary schools to scientific research, and involving thousands of people over the span of twelve years.

In 2015, the Leonardo Da Vinci National Museum of Science and Technology in Milan, Italy hosted a special session of this project during which a team of French researchers measured the amount of harmony developed in the group of participants. A specific behavior was identified as an indicator for the group to organize itself in an optimal way, inspired by natural structures used to improve stress responses, problem solve, and seize opportunities.


From team building to team being: a unique experience that transcends boundaries.

The process concretely develops active listening through simple, physical, and immediate relationships that allow us to see others beyond the boundaries of their roles, social classes, cultures, languages, and nationalities. With STORMO® we bring to the forefront resources buried deep within bodies’ memory, allowing them to experience the excitement of discovering themselves as part of a group that in turn experiences the thrill of feeling like a single autonomous entity.

Develops an easily perceptible harmony within groups

Along with a physical state of active listening which is more effective than any theoretical explanation.

Shows how to transform uncertainty from a limitation into a resource

and establishes co-leadership, collaboration, and empowerment.

Enable sharing leadership

Allows teams to perceive themselves as a singular entity that is capable of utilizing resources, co-leading, collaborating and empowering

It offers a new vision of boundaries of one's freedom

Offers the possibility for one to recognize the limits of their freedom within a structure, leading to the creation of new perspective towards contexts in which behaviors and habits seem immutable


A versatile and flexible project: STORMO® develops in different forms and is designed to engage even the most heterogeneous of groups

Research Sessions

Sessions reserved specifically for the company and open to invitees only, during which the project’s potential is explored. During these sessions, we work with young dancers to investigate the choreographic aspects of the project. Since 2016, we also have been collaborating with Roberta Mosca, famous dancer of the Forsythe Company.


Open workshops and opportunities to share the project. Participation is open to anyone: in a short amount of time, individuals practice their ability to actively listen which is a crucial aspect for the success of STORMO®. These workshops create a fully immersive experience of sharing and collaboration.

Urban Performance

Paired with one or more workshop days, these are short 10-20 minute performances in public spaces that are repeatable in many different locations. This idea of urban performances aligns with the findings of the Architecture department faculty at Politecnico University (Milan) which state that performances have the ability to repurpose public spaces and change their perception in the eyes of citizens.


The most recent format of this project which is combined with one or more days of workshops that last four to five hours each. The group’s movements are followed in real time by sound and light, creating a broad dialogue that continually redefines itself.


Concept Creator and Director

Matteo Lanfranchi

Sound Designer

Roberto Rettura

Sound designer

Roberto Rettura, Carlo Carcano, Matteo Lo Valvo


Beatrice Cevolani


Effetto Larsen

With Support From

Danae Festival, Campo Teatrale, La Fabrique de Théâtre (Belgio), Bothnia Biennale (Finlandia), La Diagonale Paris-Saclay (Francia), Politecnico di Milano, Assab One