Mapping emotions

A map is a way to organize information and what excites us takes a special place in our memory. With Mnemosyne, we map an area based on the emotional experiences of the individuals who live there, and in this way, identify and connect spaces based on the feelings they’ve aroused in people.


The emotions of places

Through workshops and interviews, we develop installations that serve as a collection of stories connected with the places they occur and act as powerful tools for storytelling. The simplicity of the utilized materials allows for outsiders to recognize themselves in the installations and to be more willing to accept the perspectives and experiences of others. The feedback we collect most often from visitors is “I now really feel like I’ve been to those places.”


A means of
gathering, engaging with, and amplifying communities

Mnemosyne has several applications ranging from developing a sense of belonging and creating team cohesion to designing future scenarios.

Mnemosyne has been used as part of Cu’N’Fu, a social awareness project in the Mirafiori neighborhood of Turin and has also been used to map Italy as experienced by patients, caregivers and clinicians involved in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF).


Sharing experiences to develop listening abilities

Mnemosyne is a format offered exclusively by Effetto Larsen and is accessible to all. It has diverse applications that range from developing a sense of belonging and team cohesion along with designing future scenarios.

Allows for the sharing of experiences

Demonstrates the value of everyone’s input and experience

Stimulates creativity and imagination

Through the activity, collaboration and empowerment are developed

Allows individuals to perceive themselves as a community that shares experiences and visions

Enables the possibility to listen and integrate different points of view into a team

Creates new perspectives

Mnemosyne creates a new view of environments where behaviors and habits seem crystallized.


Concept Creator and Director

Matteo Lanfranchi


Beatrice Cevolani, Laura Dondi

Visual Designer

Tepée Laura Triscritti, Boombang Design

Sound Designer and Technical Director

Roberto Rettura


Renato Ghiazza, Martin Hauer, Nikola Milatovich, Martina Rosa


Effetto Larsen


Pergine Spettacolo Aperto – Progetto OPEN // CREAZIONE CONTEMPORANEA

With Support From

In Situ: European network of artistic creations in public spaces, within the IN SITU Platform project, funded with support from Creative Europe (DGEAC – Creative Europe); La Reggia Venaria; Fondazione Via Maestra; Sura Medura International Artist Residency Centre (Sri Lanka); La Fabrique de Théâtre (Belgium)