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Functions is a project about scientific explanations of love, the most mysterious, badly treated and desired emotion in the world. Everyone of us would feel much comforted if we could have an instruction manual for ourselves and for the others, a guide to that small, pulsating organ we carry in our chest. Countless disciplines tried to offer precise explanations, often with hilarious results. Effetto Larsen collected and organized these scientific explanations to share them in the most serious way we know: a game. We found inspiration in quiz games and talent shows to create Functions, a game about love played in real time with the audience, that becomes the player choosing how to build a love story. At every junction the audience makes choices that influence everything happening on stage, including text, sounds, duration and final. Did I meet the right person? How should I approach him or her? What's the difference between passion and feeling? Which music shall I choose for the first date?

Trust us as you would trust a quiz show presenter: any doubt or question about love will be solved after playing Functions.


project and direction // Matteo Lanfranchi
with // Matteo Lanfranchi, Roberto Rettura
sound design // Roberto Rettura
graphic materials // Tepée Laura Triscritti

photo // Giorgio Pergolini / Michela Di Savino


production // Effetto Larsen
co-production // Network Open Latitudes* supported by Programme Culture from European Union *(Latitudes Contemporaines –L'Arsenic – Body/Mind Teatro delle Moire – Sin Arts Culture – le phénix Materiais Diversos – MIR Festival - Vooruit )
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