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Is there a way to improve the communication of scientific results? Is it possible to make the public aware of these results in an active and smart way, by creating consciousness and awareness? Science has a direct impact on daily life: this process and its applications are due to be always quicker in the future. However there is a gap between what happens in the scientific community and what the public perceives and understands: the scientific research is not well known by the population, that is often scared about it. Ignorance generates fear, and communication issues make the situation even worst. Eureka is a project that aims to create new communication tools in the relation between science and daily life through art. One of the art's tasks is to find new ways to communicate and original channels aiming to a universal language. We have conceived a format that collects and compares different points of view about scientific research, by exposing them in ways that facilitate their understanding. A more informed public is an aware and sensitive one, able to make smart choices when supporting the research and steering its consumptions.
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Eureka is a project by Effetto Larsen and by Housatonic, a group of graphic facilitation experts that help people translate and simplify complex concepts or ideas so that they can be clearly expressed, understood and remembered.

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