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ELOGIO dEL DISAGIO // uneasiness eulogy // 2010

Elogio del disagio (Uneasiness Eulogy) is a wrecked vaudeville, un absurd and metaphorical variety show. It is the third and last part of the Dukkha project, a research process based on the theme of sufference and its origins. The theme is faced with irony and lightness: "nothing is more comic than unhappiness" is Beckett's teaching, the main source of inspiration for this work. Two characters relate with a space with a space governed by a system of rules and orders coming from a voice-over. Obeying those orders, they become architects of their own game. Two bodies, many objects and a mechanism destroyed by repetition. The relationship between orders and executions becomes more and more absurd and ridiculous. The end is certain, inevitable. Perhaps, after all, it is not that terrible.


progetto e regia // Matteo Lanfranchi
con // Francesca Di Traglia, Matteo Lanfranchi
sound design // Roberto Rettura
sound assistance // Diego Schiavo
light design // Antonio Zappalà
photos // Lucia Puricelli


production // Effetto Larsen, Danae Festival/Progetto Ares
co-production // Teatro Inverso/Residenza Idra, Danae Festival/Progetto Ares
in collaboration with // La Corte Ospitale "Forever Young?"/Progetto residenziale