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DUKKHA - a private action // 2008
GAI - Movin'Up winner '08
Special Mention SubUrbia Festival '08

The project draws its inspiration from a short story by Ian McEwan Conversation with a cupboard man. What is kept is a place, a room, chosen as the performance container. The protagonist, a name-less man, spent his entire life in this room. Through a few scenic elements outlining the borders of his small universe we witness a human being's existence, his communication attempts, the imaginary of someone who has always been locked in an place far from the world. The main turning points of this claustrophobic life are turned from word to action, investigating what is left unsaid between the lines. The idea is to invite the viewer in the time of this isolated room, allowing him or her imaginative space to recompose the threads of a fragmented story, disjointed as a memory can be. As if through a small opening we peek in the intimate world of a character: his obsessions, his dreams, his habits, in a mixture of past, present and desire. A loop, a long sequence beating the rhythm of an existence, becoming its metaphor.


project and direction // Matteo Lanfranchi
with // Matteo Lanfranchi
sound design // Roberto Rettura
photos // Cinzia Susca


production // Effetto Larsen
supported by // Cattivi Maestri, Confini Festival