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Persuant to Articles 6 and 7 of EU Regulation 2016/679, and as issued on item n.229 of May 8th 2014  by the Authority for the protection of personal data, on this page the Holder of the processing of such personal data, Effetto Larsen, registered office Via Tantardini 15, 20136 Milano, provides users of Effetto Larsen website with information concerning the Cookies used and/or proposed for data storage.

Our Privacy Policy on how we use cookies (hereinafter also: cookie policy) shall only be transposed after reading a separate document, namely the Privacy Policy, art. 12 EU Regulation 2016/679, which can be found on the relevant “Privacy” section on the website, on the home page footer.

In addition, the purpose of the cookie policy is to describe the characteristics and objectives of the cookies installed by, to include the link updated with the relevant information and consent forms of the third parties with whom the Holder has signed cookie  installation agreements via their own website and notify the possibility for the user to state their options on cookie also through the browser settings in use.

Below, users can find all relevant information about the cookies used on that enable them to choose and indicate which cookies they authorize.

Cookies are information downloaded on your browser while visiting a website or using a social network on your PC, smartphone or tablet.

Each cookie contains a variety of data such as, for instance, the name of the server from which it comes, a numeric indicator, etc.

Cookies may remain in the system for the duration of a session (until the user quits the browser used to navigate the website) or for a longer period of time and can contain a unique numeric code.

2) What kind of cookies are used

Based on the legislation in force in Italy, expressed consent of the user may not always need to be requested. In particular, ‘technical’ cookies used for performing IT authentications, session monitoring and storing specific information about the users when they open a web page, do not request such consent.

These cookies, so-called technical are often useful, as they can make the navigation and use of the website faster, because for example, they facilitate procedures such as online shopping, access authentication to a protected area, or automatically recognizing the language normally used. Amongst technical cookies that don’t require an expressed consent, the Italian Authority for the protection of personal data (cf. General Provision “Identify simplified measures on cookie consent  8th May 2014) also includes:

On the other end, for other types of profiling cookies, the user’s prior consent is requested. These cookies can be used instead to monitor and profile the users while they navigate, to study their movements and habits on the consultation of the web or their consumption habits (what they buy, what they read about, etc.) in order to send advertisements of targeted and customised services.(I.e. Behavioural Advertising). This is referred to as Profiling cookies.

Lastly, a web page may contain cookies from other websites and found in various items on the page itself, such as for example advertisement banners, images, videos, etc. This is referred to as Third Party cookies, normally used for the purpose of profiling.

This means that the cookies you download on PC, smartphone and tablet can be read also by entities other than those that manage the web pages you visit.


 3) Cookies used by Effetto Larsen

Effetto Larsen website uses some of the above-mentioned cookies.

In particular, the website uses:

Some functionality cookies, analytics and profiling cookies, are also Third Party cookies, meaning they are cookies of websites or web servers other than the Effetto Larsen’ website, used by third party for their own purposes.


4) Consent procedure for storing cookies.

In order to keep track of the acquired consent, the Holder of the website uses an appropriate technical cookie, a non-invasive system that doesn’t require any further consent.

In the presence of such “documentation”, it is not necessary to show again the short informative notice when the user visits the website for the second time, notwithstanding the possibility for the user themselves to deny consent and/or modify, at any time and in an easy manner, their own options, for instance via the access to the extended informative notice, that must be accessible from any page of the website.

5) Disclosure of data

With the exception of technical cookies that are strictly needed to navigate, disclosure of data is entirely up to the user who will decide to navigate the website after reading the short informative notice on the banner provided. The user can therefore avoid downloading the cookies by keeping the banner (refraining to select by clicking on the OK/ACCEPT key), and also by selecting the specific functions on their own browser. Alternatively the user can end the website navigation.

6) How to disable cookies storage using the browser settings

It is possible to deny general consent to download any cookie on the user’s device by selecting the specific setting on their own browser: without tracing its own activities, the website navigation will be nevertheless available in all its functionalities. Here are some links that explain how to disable cookies:

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