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TUO/OUT // 2008
First prize urban drama contest Borgo Teatro '09

A nameless man spent his entire life in a room. Within this small universe he designes his own world, a fantasy made out of fragments of present, the past and desire. Pieces of a puzzle where the complete is the character's biography. TUO/OUT is the transposition of this fantasy in an urban environment, its encounter with the outside world: the characters and the situations, born in claustrophobic conditions are relocated and shifted, assuming a totally different meaning. Vital actions practiced endlessly, invented heroes, childood games as pastimes, sexual upsets and the memory of an abandonment: these become the performance elements.


project and direction // Matteo Lanfranchi
with // Matteo Lanfranchi
photos //FotoUp


production // Effetto Larsen
supported by // Danae Festival