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Aggregazione // GATHERING // 2009
Biennale of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean 2009

Aggregazione (Gathering) is a project focused on human relationships, on the link between the individual and the environment, on the actions through which we build our own reality. It is the second stage of the Dukkha project. Dukkha is a sanscrit word suggesting the incapability of being satisfied, a part of the game that we constantly create for ourselves.

If you don't have what makes you feel good, you feel bad.
If you have what makes you feel good, you're afraid of loosing it.
If you have had what makes you feel good, you crave for it again.
If you obtain again what makes you feel good, you know you're going to loose it.
What is ever going to satisfy you?


project and direction // Matteo Lanfranchi
with // Yann Altavilla, Renato Avallone, Beatrice Cevolani, Luna Paese, Marco Ripoldi, Laura Tepée Triscritti
sound design // Roberto Rettura
photos // Cinzia Susca


production // Effetto Larsen
special thanks to // Scorta Civica Marosi e Teatro Guanella