STORMO® is a long-standing project based on the development of harmony within groups of people. Its core is a workshop open to everyone, during which the conditions created let collective intelligence emerge. The project tangibly develops active listening through nonverbal communication: a simple relationship mode, physical, immediate, that allows to look beyond the boundaries associated to roles, social classes, culture, language and nationality. STORMO® reveals resources buried in the memory of the body, allowing not only the individuals to discover themselves as part of a group, but also the group to perceive itself as a single self-regulated entity.

Scientific Session

From May 1st to May 3rd 2015 the National Science and Technology Museum “Leonardo da Vinci” hosted a special session of the STORMO® rEVOLUTION project. For three days a team of French scientists measured the harmony developed by the project in the participants’ group, using a technology that observes spatial and social human dynamics in real time.


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Artistic team

Concept and Direction // Matteo Lanfranchi
Sound Design Direction // Roberto Rettura
Sound Designer // Carlo Carcano, Matteo Lo Valvo
Assistant // Beatrice Cevolani



Production // Effetto Larsen
With the support of // Danae Festival,  Campo TeatraleLa Fabrique de Théâtre (Belgium), Bothnia Biennale (Neverland), La Diagonale Paris-Saclay (France), Politecnico di MilanoAssab One