In the world where democracy, activism, and freedom of speech become more and more important (and more and more endangered) values, theatre shouldn’t be a place where one is supposed to remain passive and silent and to accept everything that is said.

Joined Forces: Audience Participation in Theatre”, edited by Anna R. Burzynska e Florian Malzacher


A participatory art project on decision-making processes and sense of community: participants are invited to live a moment of suspension, during which they can experience new ways to discuss the basic principles of any human society. A tribal bubble that travels through the western world and mentality, to remind each of us of the role we can play in the social realities of reference, be they a neighbourhood, a family or politics.


If we could design a community from scratch, we would have to decide how to organize it, and to do so we would have to agree. Power, resources, justice, relationships: pivotal points of our world, to be reviewed with new eyes. Pop Up Civilization had been developed for two years and in its last phase of creation it was strongly influenced and inspired by the COVID crisis. The crisis was taken as a chance to enhance the potential of the project.


Concept and artistic direction // Matteo Lanfranchi

Dramaturg // Aneta Fodorová

Sound Design // Roberto Rettura

Set design // Fabrice Deperrois, assisted by Tim Hinam and Pauline Thébault – Les Plastiqueurs collective

Performers for the French version // Nadia Sahali et Yann Berthelot


Workshops assistance // Beatrice Cevolani

Project management // Isadora Bigazzi

Scientific supervisor // Alessandra Frigerio, PhD in Social, Cognitive and Clinical Psychology


Production // Atelier 231 (France), La Strada Graz (Austria), 4+4 Days in Motion (Czech Republic), Festival di Terni (Italy), ODA (Kosovo), Uz Arts (UK), Effetto Larsen (Italy), Reverb (Italy)


A project initially commissioned in 2018 by Neil Butler (Uz Arts – Glasgow)