The eye doesn’t see things but figures of things that mean other things.
Each city receives its form from the desert it opposes.

Italo Calvino, Invisible Cities


Mnemosyne is a site-sensitive project about emotional memories connected to places, a flexible and modular format. Starting from workshops and interviews, we map an area based on the emotional experience of those who live it, identifying and connecting spaces through the emotions they have aroused in people. The final result is an installation, configured as an emotional interface with the space, a powerful device for storytelling and sharing. On several occasions the project has been used to investigate social conflicts and enhance the sense of belonging to a community or a territory.

Artistic team

Concept and direction // Matteo Lanfranchi
Artistic Assistance // Beatrice Cevolani
Visuals // Laura Triscritti, Barbara Bedrina



Production // Effetto Larsen
Co-production // Pergine Spettacolo Aperto – Progetto OPEN // CREAZIONE CONTEMPORANEA
With the support of // IN Situ: European network of artistic creations in public spaces, within the IN SITU Platform project, funded with the support of Creative Europe (DGEAC – Creative Europe); ); La Reggia VenariaFondazione Via MaestraSura Medura International Artist Residency Centre (Sri Lanka); La Fabrique de Théâtre (Belgio)