A love story is told through the creation of spaces around the two lovers, placing each key moment of the story in a different setting. The project starts from the idea of beating time through space. Innerscapes tells a love story generating a sequence of events displaying a typical cinematographic grammar. It questions on the relation between actions and the space containing them. A contemporary silent performance, where environment and captions set the performers’ actions, changing them with the flow of time.


Concept and direction // Matteo Lanfranchi
With // Beatrice Cevolani, Francesca Di Traglia, Matteo Lanfranchi, Lorenzo Piccolo, Marco Ripoldi
Sound design // Roberto Rettura
Photos // Lucia Puricelli



Production // Effetto Larsen, laLut Festival Voci di Fonte
Co-production // Teatro Inverso – Residenza Idra, Danae Festival – progetto Ares
Supported by // CSS Teatro stabile di innovazione del FVG e di Bassano Operaestate
Special thanks // Alessio Calciolari, Amos Caparrotta, Alessio Fava

Innerscapes is a successfully funded project on Eppela.com: a big thank you to all the supporters