COORDINATE is a project by Matteo Lanfranchi e Marco Palmieri, a reflection about relationships starting from people’s positions in space, hosted by Assab One.

How it works

The public takes part in the action and experiments emotions triggered by subtle spatial dynamics. This process enlightens complex relational dynamics.

The public is involved in an active performance: it is invited to hold a precise position, marked on the floor as coordinates. People’s arrangement creates a relationships’ system on multiple levels, activated through simple movements and triggering interactions. This actions generate a gradual mutation and the identification of the relational structure.

The collaboration

The idea of the collaboration between Matteo Lanfranchi and Marco Palmieri comes from their common interest in space and human relationships. They are two artists coming from different worlds, who decided to collaborate as an artistic choice, creating this project together. With COORDINATE they join their fields of action: space and visual arts for Palmieri, theatre and performance for Lanfranchi.

Artistic team

Concept // Matteo Lanfranchi + Marco Palmieri
Sound design // Roberto Rettura
Photos // Andrea Doppio
Special thanks // Elena Quarestani