My artistic and professional life started on stage, as an actor. After many years of experience with Italian and foreign directors I decided to set up a company, to develop a way of doing theatre able to question its own canons. I was lucky to meet amazing companions on my journey, with whom I have also developed strong friendships. I am curious by nature and a sponge when it comes to information. Sometimes, as I observe the reality around me I get ideas that I wish to develop with other artists within the group. I love to have fun with my work and I know that if I loose my sense of irony, then I have taken a wrong turn. When everybody’s eyes sparkle, I know I’m on the right track. My time is the present, the world is where I belong, gratitude my favourite feeling and human beings and the interactions amongst them, what I care for dearly.


Sound Producer, born in 1974, owner of Lo Studio Spaziale in Bologna.

I was a musician until the last century. In the new millennium I became a sound designer. I am interested in sound in its totality and in its connection with the act of listening through any media, whether reproductive or experiential.

I have dealt with sound since the first production of Effetto Larsen and to this day, I continue to be an integral part of the project. Since the company has moved away from the actual stage, I have embraced the audience through sound, making them part of the installations and performances, allowing for thoughts and feelings to be shared in an enriching experience for all.

Sound is my matter and my language and in Effetto Larsen I can expand it to infinity.


I mainly trained as an actress, worked with different theatre groups and went on tour around the world. In time, I became more interested in the most human aspects of my work, namely listening, working as part of a group and constantly interacting with colleagues. This has become the linchpin of my work, especially within Effetto Larsen.

I am on stage as a performer, I collaborate in the planning of new projects, and organise training workshops. I love this part of my job as it allows me to meet new and different people, and to adapt our artistic work so it is accessible to the non-professionals and easily understood while maintaining high standards.

To be the sound that is received with sufficient trigger power.



I am young, passionate and motivated. I chose to work in arts because I have always been fascinated by the human need to represent one’s self, to express oneself and to feel part of a community. I discovered Effetto Larsen in 2015, while searching online.  What impressed me most was the care in listening to the audience and the interest in making people participate both as individuals as well as part of a group, as human beings who share an experience. I knew immediately that I wanted to be part of this project as it perfectly represented my thoughts on what this job means to me. Today I am the reference point for the team and the collaborators, and organise residencies, workshops and festival. My job is to make things easier for everybody and to be available day in day out, with open arms.